• Wood Law

    Wood Law is a law office in Missouri. The tree is an Olive tree, which has a lot of symbolism as it's steadfast and related to kings, as well as biblical references.

  • Veach

    For a contractor in Arizona, this logo was originally conceived to look like a building, but later a simple modern theme was chosen.

  • Tactical Flow

    A martial arts school, they specialize in sticks and knives. The logo was to capture the concept that water flowed, but also had strong destructive power.

  • Stardust

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    This logo was done for a local feed and gift store in Rose Hill, KS. It was mainly done based on the name.

    Stardust was fairly hard to find any examples of, so I made a name based logotype with the S and D connected to the star. It was supposed to give off a fun feeling for a store that sold novelty items like deer horn toilet paper holders. 

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